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A Perfect Ending

2012 "Love, fight, live, rule like a legend."
5.6| 1h50m| PG-13| en| More Info
Released: Drama, Romance
Producted By: Soul Kiss Films
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This intimate drama follows Rebecca, a woman who has kept her sexuality hidden from friends but chooses to reveal it anyway to a complete stranger. While Rebecca may not expect the results she desires from these revelations immediately, an ideal ending remains possible if Rebecca can open herself up fully to their new partner and accept their friendship in return.

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Drama, Romance

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Nicole Conn

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Soul Kiss Films

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Strong and Moving!

Portia Hilton

Blistering performances.

Mandeep Tyson

The acting in this movie is really good.


The tone of this movie is interesting -- the stakes are both dramatic and high, but it's balanced with a lot of fun, tongue and cheek dialogue.

Nami Melumad

Very touching and original story, I watched it on Netflix and really enjoyed it. Not surprising, because Nicole Conn's films are always sensitive and brilliant. A Perfect Ending includes a stunning performance by Barbara Niven, who plays the lead. Although the film deals with a somewhat nontraditional method to "find your sexual orientation" (aka, hiring a female escort....which is pretty much unheard of in films), I found it to be super compelling. The journey both main characters go through is human, and full of emotion and erotica. Moreover, I love the aesthetics of the film. To conclude, I highly recommend, and think more films like this should be made. In fact, I can't wait to watch the next film by Nicole Conn!


What can I say ?? Again Nicole Conn has in my opinion created another masterpiece!!!!!! Without doubt this is one of my all time fave films !!!!! Nicole Conn is an excellent fantastic director ..... Jessica Clark is outstanding in her role as Paris makes me proud to be British I adore her and the on screen chemistry with the amazing Barbara Niven wow!!!!! All the elements work Like it was meant to be ..... Everything works !! The story the dialogue even the music ! I have to admit I love this film so much I watch it at least once a day!!!! The story is so so fantastic ...... It reaches across the lines ...this is a mainstream film it is not just for the LGBT community ...this is a universal message of love I could not recommend this film highly enough!!!! Please I encourage you to watch ... I hope this team works together again very very soon xo