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Peter Pan

1989 "It will live in your heart forever!"
7.3| 1h17m| PG-13| en| More Info
Released: Adventure, Fantasy, Animation
Producted By: Walt Disney Productions
Budget: 0
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Wendy, Michael and John follow Peter Pan out of their nursery home to Neverland where childhood never ends - yet must confront Captain Hook to keep Peter safe from him and foil any attempts by him or the Other Brothers at getting rid of Peter forever. However, while in Neverland they must also face off against Captain Hook to save Peter from him once and for all!

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Adventure, Fantasy, Animation

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Clyde Geronimi, Wilfred Jackson, Hamilton Luske

Producted By

Walt Disney Productions

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Bobby Driscoll as Peter Pan (voice)
Kathryn Beaumont as Wendy Darling (voice)
Hans Conried as Captain Hook / Mr. Darling (vo



This is a coming of age storyline that you've seen in one form or another for decades. It takes a truly unique voice to make yet another one worth watching.

Aiden Melton

The storyline feels a little thin and moth-eaten in parts but this sequel is plenty of fun.

Mathilde the Guild

Although I seem to have had higher expectations than I thought, the movie is super entertaining.


It’s fine. It's literally the definition of a fine movie. You’ve seen it before, you know every beat and outcome before the characters even do. Only question is how much escapism you’re looking for.

Jesper Brun

I don't hate it, I just find certain things unappealing. To get it out of the way. I can't stand Tinker Bell, and I really don't know why a character this cruel and selfish has become a Disney icon!? Heck, she tries to kill off Wendy more than once and is stupid enough to believe Captain Hook! And I really don't like the indian stereotypes in this movie. I hope parents of today will take the talk with their kids about such things in movies and media in general. Besides that we get wonderful animation as usual (the flight scene over London towards Neverland is one of my favourite scenes from any Disney movie) and mostly highly enjoyable characters. Captain Hook and Peter Pan are just hilarious together. The crocodile and Hook make some great slapstick comedy worth a fortune. And a couple of memorable songs like "You Can Fly" and "Following The Leader". The ending should be a reminder to every parent who blame their children for being children. It's a wonderful lesson to learn for the parents.