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Released: 09 December 1960
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Country: United States of America
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Info The residents of Coronation Street are ordinary, working-class people, and the show follows them through regular social and family interactions at home, in the workplace, and in their local pub, the Rovers Return Inn. Britain's longest-running soap. Genre Soap.



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ThiefHottToo much of everything

WasAnnonSlow pace in the most part of the movie.

BereamicAwesome Movie

KnotStrongerThis is a must-see and one of the best documentaries - and films - of this year.

Adam TaylorThis show has gone steeply downhill the past few years. What was once a classic British soap is now an utter joke. The producer's idea of 'sensationalising' each story just doesn't work. A show which was once realistic is now unrealistic. A show which once provided perfect comedy now tries to hard. The show has no element of drama to it anymore, it doesn't feel like a soap, but instead more like a joke which isn't funny.Watching paint dry is more interesting than watching this tripe as paint drying actually does something. The coach crash which aired in January 2015 was appalling to watch It didn't peak my interest at all. The ratings on the show have dropped significantly too, which has given rival soap EastEnders a chance to become number one soap again.

clairelouise-ridgwayI like Coronation street I have watched it since I was five back in 1979 and really like it, and its been going nearly 50 years its a shame they never get best soap anymore.. as its the longest running soap, and they seem to get knocked out of the running in the national TV awards, its about time they changed that as eastenders who have not been going near as long seem to win every time.. so it would be nice for coronation street to be best, soap or longest running to win for a change..the soap has had good story lines in the past and present and they put some humour into it as well not like some other soaps I could mention, and do not keep brining back more and more old characters as well..

elifullIt's been running for over 45 years and it is still entertaining and relevant and great fun to watch! To become a regular viewer of "The Street" is to join a huge worldwide community of Corrie fans - some of whom have been watching since the very first episode! But no matter when you start watching, you will find yourself involved in the lives of the many different residents of a street in Manchester, England. Young and old have their dramas and struggles as do parents and children, spouses and lovers, workers and employers. Some of the story lines are hilarious and over-the-top while others involve very challenging socially relevant issues, dealt with in a way that draws you in and makes you re-examine your own values and beliefs. Everything is grounded in everyday reality unlike some American series which seem to only be about well-off professionals. The actors are amazing and you totally believe in their characters. In Britain they are huge celebrities, known equally by their Corrie character's name and their birth names! In Canada and Australia, Coronation Street airs several days a week, a few months behind the episodes airing in Britain. If Coronation Street is not available where you live, you could start a campaign to make it available - it is definitely worthwhile!!!

gatheralsI have being watching Corrie on and off for 20 years. We are currently seeing episodes from May 2006 and several of the people that you have written about that are off the show aren't yet off the show on Canadian television. I like checking in to this site occasionally but it would be nice if you would remember that we are behind and you are spoiling the show for some of us. I am not interested in knowing before hand which characters will be off the show this year. Please stop telling us things that haven't even happened here yet. Some of the characters that have been on for many many years are leaving and by watching the show on a regular basis I was not yet aware of this please take this into consideration when you are filling in the start and end dates.